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When you are attending a rock concert or even just watching a garage band perform in a club, one of the major players that initially catch your eye is the guitarist. Perhaps it is the way he shreds the strings as if he was holding a saw blade instead of a pick, or maybe it is the manner in which he does finger vibrato with his left hand as if he was tapping his nails on the instrument. Either way, it is no secret how good playing can make any audience impressed, or at least entertained. Sometimes, it can even make a person determined to learn the art. If you are one of those people who are interested in learning how to strum the chords, then you should get yourself involved in lessons. Here are the steps that can you can follow to find the best mentor:

  1. Before anything else, you should decide what style you would like to learn. Every genre is different and has its own set of techniques, chords, and scales. If you want to play country, you have to find an instructor or school that is geared toward such.
  2. Get a hold of your local phone book and search for all the music shops in your area. A lot of these establishments hire mentors to profess for their particular instrument. You can call and see if any of the stores offer free introductory classes that you could take simply just for you to study the basics.
  3. Grab your newspaper and check the classifieds section. Some tutors teach privately and might have an advertisement there. Many of them will let you take the first few sessions for free before asking you for a fee. A few might even be just volunteering their time and could train you for free of charge.
  4. Go online to any search engine such as Google and type in "guitar lessons" and you should be able to get multiple hits. A number of these sites such as YouTube or Zentao can give you several complimentary complete courses.
  5. Sign up for related Internet forums and ask for help in an online community. Many professionals would be more than happy to help you out and give you some coaching at no charge at all.

If you are really interested in growing in your craft, then the best thing you could do is enrol in a music school where you can avail of intermediate and advanced classes. Do not forget to buy your own instrument, though, you will need it for your practice.

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